No Tumblr

Rolled out of bed this morning. Checked LJ flist--nothing new. Checked RSS reader--1 small post. Checked email (which includes notifications for Youtube, Slack, A03 and Wordpress)--nothing since last night.

You know what I didn't check? Tumblr. Because I closed that door behind me and locked it, which means no chance to get sucked a pit of reblogs.

Didn't realize how much of my time that was consuming until just now.

....I don't really know what to do with myself now.

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(Well, I do--read or write or finally clean my room or just go back to bed for another 20 minutes. Feels quite luxurious.)
LOL I sometimes feel like that about lj. When I *can't* find the time in between shifts, but for a long time I was doing the flist before settling in for an hours relaxation before work. Now I'm decided to do the entire feed from Mon-Thursday on a Thursday afternoon, the in between times are SO relaxing ;)
Good for you! Some day I'd like to get to a similar point, but I'll have to work my way up to it, I suppose. :P
You'll get there, lol! And consider the fact I spend four hours every Thursday going through three days worth of flist LOL!
I've been thinking about you a lot this afternoon to the point that it must have singed your hair, surely. ;) Because I've come across some of the most Rembrandtesque moments yet... Except a post about it in a day or two.
Ha! :D

Rembrandt moments really are all over the place once you start looking for them. I'm excited to see what you've discovered this time!
One has to adjust. . . .

I still remember my first week on the job where I was nervous every evening -- until I realized I had been thinking I was forgetting to do my homework.
Oh yes! I've only just finished (I hope) with the dreams about missing one particular class for the entirety of a year and so flunking out of college. (Not how it works, I know, but the brain is an odd creature.)
I hate Tumblr . LJ sucks up most of my time as does AO3 and my emails. I also love to read fanfic and that takes up time too. At least I have a way to take it with me when I have to be out so I can read it. Before Kindle I always saved the fic but never got to read it.

I do tend to get sucked in when I'm here.
You can do like me and go through 83 of B.Farrar's post from Jan 1 ;-) I'm catch up with ypour yeear!