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Courtesy of zmediaoutlet/deadlybride: "I like the music memes–love seeing what people listen to. For a certain kind of person, the music they listen to gives you a little window into their head. You’re supposed to list the first 10 songs from your music, on shuffle, and then tag 10 people. I won’t do ten, but I’m going to copy you, @nomercles​, and add a little bit about each song so it’ll be a tad more interesting."

1. Shiver - Coldplay
And on and on from the moment I wake / To the moment I sleep / I'll be there by your side / Just you try and stop me. This is definitely not my favorite Coldplay song, but I still have it memorized from the stint at work where my Coldplay playlist was the only thing that kept me from simply ... giving up. Thank you, Coldplay, for helping me avoid a complete nervous breakdown. (It was a very dark year and a half.)

2. Wolves - Down Like Silver
When I die, let the flames devour me / When I die, set me free / When I die, throw my ashes to the breeze / When I die, scatter me. You know those songs where the first time you hear it, you have to listen to it on repeat for the next week? This is one of those.

3. Beat the Horse - Pomplamoose
Don't you like what's on TV? / It's not free / We'll agree to disagree / Woe is me. Woe is thee. Dear SPN fandom, there may be a (not so) hidden message here for you.

4. The Nine Maidens: Clarsach/The Nine Maidens/The Fiddler - John Renbourn
My sister bought an album second-hand (don't remember what); when we got it home and opened it, the CD inside was actually John Renbourn's "Collected". She never bothered asking for a refund, because it's a brilliant album and we're still all listening to it 10+ years later.

5. The cross is laid upon Jesus (station 2) - New York Hymns
Broad is the road that leads to death / And thousands walk there together / But wisdom shows a narrow path / With here and there a traveler. There are some really cool projects floating around based on resetting old hymns, and this is a brilliant example of that.

6. Pano (Streghe) - Martin Romberg
AKA "Witch Mass". Got this album because of the 5-piece cycle at the end based on some of the elven songs from Lord of the Rings. Still can't decide if I actually like the longer cycle that this piece is part of, but it sure is effective.

7. Fawr Horo - Horses Brawl
This album is really good music for getting things done.

8. O Adonai - Arvo Part
Adonai, the Lord and leader of the house of Israel / In the burning bush hast thou appeared unto Moses / And given him the law upon the mountain / O come and deliver us with thy powerful arm. There's something so pure about the style of Part's choral works. Like crystal or ice.

9. 13 Angels Standing Guard 'round the Side of Your Bed - A Silver Mount Zion
Picked this up off a fanmix somewhere in college--wound up chucking most of the accompanying tracks, but there's something so haunting about this one that I hung onto it.

10. Spem in Alium - Thomas Tallis
Freshman year, one of the guys in my core group (Seth, I think) showed me the college music library's copy of Utopia Triumphans and told me I had to listen to the first track because it was like listening to a wall of solid light. I now have three albums featuring different versions of it, but this is my favorite--the instrumentation in the bassline adds a just enough texture to contrast with the liquidity of the voices.
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