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Even though I first watched season 1 while season 10 was airing, it still came as a shock. "That's where they left it? Really????"

And then straight on to "In my time of dying" because I needed to see how they got out of it.
Lots of people didn't like this episode but it's one of my re-watch faves. Always ALWAYS every time In start a re-watch, that one is ont he list of 'look forward to most' :D
Ah! I actually guessed that might be the one.

It's not on my favorites list, but I definitely don't understand why it's so scorned by fandom. It's gorgeous, there's some pretty fabulous character stuff, and the case side of the episode holds up well enough.
No, it's not a lot of peeps fave but I adore it :d and it does have some solid plot expansion and character work, plus who doesn't love that initial feel of Dean losing it for Cassy?!
It definitely gave us a different angle on Dean--showed us that he would be true to a girl if she (and his life) gave him the chance. (Though he'd still always choose Sam first. :P)