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Trufax: If you play this somewhere I can hear it, I will find you and sit and watch as much of this movie as you have available. Although I really like a bunch of other Disney features*, this is, hands-down, forever and aye, the first in my heart.

*Tangled is pretty nifty, and Sleeping Beauty--I'd probably mark those as second and third.
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trufax - my four kids were acting out the scene with the little bunnies and the arrow. with the turtle. yesterday. and they are 13-20!!

Well, now I'm going to have "Not in Nottingham" stuck in my head for the rest of the day. Love this movie--I think I watched it about 200 times when I was little.
I think one of the things I love so much about it is the music--how it's simply part of tapestry of the movie, and the way it shifts in and out of being diegetic. (I am such a sucker for diegetic music--one of the many things that made "Baby" such a winner for me.)

Okay, my reaction to that is, in order:

(gasp!), :D, <3

Also, right now I'm visiting my parents' house, and my mom just said "Oh! Sam is totally little John! He's so huge!" So there's some extra <3.
Okay, your icon made me actually laugh. :D

And your mom's comment made me grin like an idiot, so yes: extra, extra <3
My childhood! Back when I was a kid and we had two cars and had to move around a lot, we had CB radios and we would quote Robin Hood and Monty Python back and forth to each other. Good times, good times.
It really is!

We didn't own a copy when I was a kid, but we would get it out from the library, and when I was in college, my parents got me a discarded copy from Blockbuster (back in the day)--still have it, still sit down and watch it from time to time.