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Things I need to get off my chest:

- Cain. *deep breath* That whole sequence was just wow. As well as every other scene he was in. Timothy is a god! And clearly understands very well how to work with the cameras!

- Everything about 8x12 is so pretty, the motel room included.

- Those holy oil shots from above are always stunning, right? (What I'm wondering, though, is why they're always such neat and pretty circles? I mean, Sam and Dean often have to draw them in a hurry. Supernatural compasses, maybe? *g*)
- Yessssss. He owns that role. (And that hair. And the beard.)

- It's a beautiful episode--for his first time directing an episode, Serge really turned in a visual masterpiece.

- String and a nail, perhaps? Or one of the guys holding the end of the string down with one finger, like when you're trying to tie a pretty bow on a present? (Yes--every time they do a holy oil shot it's gorgeous.)
That shot of Cain walking down that prison corridor gives me goosebumps!