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Fic: In Your Philosophy [naruto]

Glory hallelujah, some kind of ending at long last.

Apparently, posting that meme yesterday with the two WIPs was enough to get me to finish one of them--more or less. Mostly more--although I stuck the ending in the notes field because it goes from dialog/narration to nearly full-blown summary style. But I don't care! It's a fic I wrote for a fic exchange in a fandom I'm not even part of, which I entered at the behest of someone from a fandom neither of us is a part of anymore, and I didn't like the request I was assigned and was indifferent to the fic I received (it was a good piece of writing, but not my style at all), and the person I wrote for dropped out anyway. The only way I managed to write the dang thing was through the twin forces of extreme college nostalgia and someone who came in and did the needed cheer-leading in the last two weeks before I was supposed to post. I posted enough to meet the requirements of the fic exchange, but left it needing a denouement/epilogue to actually finish it off.

Which, a year and a half later, I've finally done. Huzzah! *flings confetti everywhere*

(I am probably never going to do a fic exchange again.)

So, for anyone interested in reading what's very nearly original fiction based on my hard-core Johnnie college experience, here's the (~completed) In Your Philosophy. Wherein Iruka is an accidental book thief, Kakashi is by turns enigmatic and infuriating, and Mizuki is not the man he once was. (And Anko steals the show at the end.)

Looking at it in retrospect, you can tell I wrote it just as I was starting to get seriously into Supernatural.
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