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Meme: 20 first lines

Inspired by deadlybride and frozen_delight, here's the first lines from the last 20 fics I've written (more or less), and I can tell you right off the bat what the similarities are: a) usually pretty dang long, b) never dialog, and c) usually the establishing frame for both tone and subject matter. Should I attempt more diversity? Probably, but usually I'm just thrilled I actually got something down on paper.

1. They probably would've wound up kicking around Fall River, waiting for the dead bodies to rack up, if not for some newspaper editor's idea of a snappy headline: 'Gypsy Moth Plague of Biblical Proportions'. (Respite, SPN)

2. One of Dean’s favorite jokes in the whole world is, “You know how this shitty coffee is like sex in a canoe?” (One of These Days, SPN)

3. The thing is, Jess's sense of humor is pretty much the worst Sam's ever met (even worse than--well. No need to go there), which is why Sam can't understand how she makes him laugh. (Don't You Know, Everyone Wants to Laugh, SPN)

4. John stumbled across the not-Tetris game buried in the 'jumper programming completely by accident, in the middle of a crisis that had him madly scrolling through menus and options in the hope of locating something to take care of giant, impossible metal-eating alien spiders. (If / And / Or, SGA)

5. Linda follows Dr. Strummer’s advice and begins with a deep facial scrub, because her face does feel a little stiff, and it’s a small and simple action that doesn’t require thought. (The Family that Showers Together, SPN)

6. As a kid, Sam had hated the story of Persephone—probably, in retrospect, because he over-identified with her. (Deep Underground, SPN)

7. Dean could listen to the same 20 tapes on repeat for a month straight without thinking twice about it; Sam, on the other hand, had learned from experience that three days was enough to break him. (Car Games, SPN)

8. Sam's distrust of fireplaces could be traced pretty directly to a 13-year-old Dean's rendition of The Three Little Pigs, which had rapidly turned into a thorough and gruesome lesson on siege warfare and how every weakness can be turned into a tactical advantage if you're sneaky and inventive enough. (Down the Chimney, SPN)

9. Not for the first time, John entertained the possibility that Rodney's claims that Carson actually practiced voodoo instead of medicine. (Untitled, SGA)

10. After a couple of months, Radek figured out that how any given day would go could be predicted pretty well by whether or not he got to eat his breakfast in peace. (Untitled, SGA)

11. Sam isn't scared of thunderstorms, exactly--an angry spirit trying to throttle you while it flings your brother across the room and drops a chandelier on your dad kind of puts a different perspective on the impersonal forces of nature--but when one comes close enough that each peal of thunder rattles the air in his lungs, and then just sits directly overhead for what seems like the entire night.... (Two In the Bed, SPN)

12. Most of the motels they stay in are as nondescript as an old shoebox--just finger-smudged white drywall, with a couple faded floral prints in cheap frames that are probably intended to break up the blank monotony but instead just highlight how dingy everything's become; obnoxious geometric patterns on the bedspreads and dubious stains on carpet last cleaned about the same time Sam started thinking of this kind of dump as 'home'. (Fun With Phonics, SPN)

13. Dean plans the day with all the precision and care usually dedicated to a large-scale military assault, scoping out not just the predicted weather conditions (muggy, overcast) and the parade route (four blocks over from the place he and Sam are squatting in; there's a stretch of five houses that'll be empty the day of, so they can set up there for decent seats), but also local church potlucks, which towns have the best firework displays and when, and whether or not Dean can get his hands on some pyrotechnics of his own (a milk-crate full, in lieu of a week's under-the-table payment at the local body shop; good thing peanut butter's cheap). (Light Me Up, SPN)

14. Atlantis culture was not representative of Earth culture, Elizabeth had told Teyla more than once. (Rural Life, SGA)

15. There's an art to climbing trees. (Climbing Trees, SGA)

16. On the beach far below, a pair of boys ran whooping through the spume and spray, driving a cacophony of sea birds bursting into the air before them. (On the Shore, PoD)

17. It perhaps says something about Iruka’s character that when he unlocked the gallery for the day and found that there was already someone inside, his reaction was neither to stop and consider the striking tableau formed by the biker (all black leather except for the flaming eyes on the helmet held under one arm) standing in front of the main painting of Michael the Archangel (with flowing fabric and feathers and light) nor to confront the man for breaking and entering (because although the door had been locked, nothing looked to be missing), but rather to snatch away the book that he held, because the cover displayed a naked angel and nearly-naked man embracing, and at Iruka’s heels came three dozen fifth graders. (In Your Philosophy, Naruto (I need to get around to posting the conclusion to this))

18. If asked, Sam Carter would say she is indifferent to Rodney McKay. (Ripples in a Still Pool, SGA/SG-1)

19. Sometimes John's father would run through fields with him, or spin in circles until they fell down, or laugh a little too loudly at knock-knock jokes. (But What of a Gentleman?, SGA)

20. There is (was, will be) a boy running through the grass. (Falls the Night, SGA (despite what this posted version says, this is actually an active WIP again, and so I'm going to stick on here. Because I do actually like it a lot.))
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