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Thoughts on perspective

While working on tomorrow's WoL spn_bunker post, I was struck quite hard at how much really does lie in the eye of the beholder. To use an example of which I've seen only criticism, adult-Amara's dress:
This isn't something that caused huge waves in the parts of fandom I visit, but whenever it's mentioned, it's always in terms of being an attempt at sexualizing her. Or something. Whereas what I notice just about every single time she's on screen isn't boobs, but rather void. The way that the dress is cut, and the way that she's often lit, there's this shadow, this hole right over the heart of her.

Maybe I'm seeing something TPTB didn't intend, but maybe not. Barring a statement from them on the topic, I'm going to keep interpreting it in the way that assumes care and nuance from the production team rather than them selling out to network pressure or something.
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