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Actually, I'd rather have pie

It's my birthday, I'll screen cap spam if I want to. :P Though seriously, woke up to some excellent SPN-related discussion on LJ, which is always fun. Current plans for the day: take advantage of our local thrift store's birthday bargains (1/2 off everything!), maybe watch a couple SPN episodes this afternoon ("Ghostfacers" may be a necessity), then go see an "authentic Shakespearean production" of Love's Labors Lost, in which the cast has 4 days to pull the production together, no director, and props/costumes only as they can pilfer them from past/current productions. Should be a lot of fun!

Oh, and type up next segment of "Respite", for those of you keeping track. Least cooperative scene thus far, but I'm looking forward to the next one.

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That sounds like a most fabulous way to spend the day! Ghostfacers is totally my go-to birthday episode for SPN. XD And I love the idea behind that Shakespeare production.
I don't think I'll ever quite be over Sam in the party hat.

We've seen another couple of plays they've done like this, and so far it's been both fun, and a chance to see some of the plays that mostly get ignored.
Happy birthday! Enjoy the Shakespeare & the SPN marathon, if that's what ends up happening. :)
Thanks! :D

I've been having fun rewatching favorite episodes--Sam being put into a party hat will always make me laugh, despite the gruesome surroundings.