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This is such an awesome combination of images. They feel like honest to God snapshots of the Winchesters' life. Well, artful snapshots! Snapshots that my sister might have taken (having actually taken some photography classes), not snapshots I'd have taken. XD

I love the high angle of the one of the two plastic surgeons, and the full scene of Sam working at that bar. But that last one, OH MAN. The framing of all three of them in the mirror like that is just supreme. *___*
Can't take much credit--the 'random' button has some good artistic taste. :P

Well, okay, I can take credit for furnishing the database of screen caps the random button pulls from--and one of my goals while building it was to find moments that haven't been giffed to Timbuktu and back a dozen times. So yay! Mission apparently accomplished.

Also, yes--that last cap is probably my favorite of the bunch because it's just a spectacularly composed shot. A+, Steve Boyum. You do good stuff. <3