Beautiful Crime

Apologies--don't have the next bit of Respite yet. But here, have a lovely vid in the meantime:
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If you use Firefox, there's an add-on called "Download YouTube Videos as MP4" which works brilliantly for that. I use it to grab any music vids like this, because you never know when something will get hit by a copyright claim. I have Firefox on my computer specifically for that--I use Chrome the rest of the time.
I have youtube downloader and while a few years ago it worked a lot better, it doesn't work like that anymore. I've been denied getting stuff more often than not.

Will check out yours.

Thank You

I don't know. I downloaded it and it says I have it but for the life of me...I can't find the damn thing? What does the button look like because I don't see one?
It's not in the menu bar, if that's where you're looking. Instead, it's embedded into YouTube itself--under the left corner of the video box, below the video title, and next to the "add to" icon.
I was looking and I didn't see anything. I knew it wasn't in the toolbar because they said it would be under the vid box. I still didn't see anything to click?