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  • Teaser for next week's fic

    I told myself I'd have the latest ETWI backstory fic ready to post today, but the ending has demanded significant expansion--which ain't happening…

  • You know how this goes

  • Review: Tangled; SPN 1.03

    I've probably reviewed this before, but my nieces are just starting to watch Disney movies and this was the most recent on--so here are some things I…

Since I'm temporarily de-lurking already, I did want to say that your screenshots have changed the way I watch television. I am now always keeping an eye on the cinematography, pausing Netflix to see how shots are composed, thinking about the lighting... and as I (very slowly) catch up on SPN, I keep an eye out for your screenshots, like little easter eggs. :D
That makes me so glad! Both that you're de-lurking briefly (hello! Just spent the last couple of weeks hanging with Johnnies, Pip and Ali and Tim Creighton) and that I've helped you start paying attention to a different aspect of TV.

It's fun when you find a show that does it really well.