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Pardon my gun politics

I generally don't talk politics here--I keep my mouth shut because I want to be able to fangirl over a TV show or share pretty pictures and interesting poems, and I don't want to risk that by making people mad at me. But this whole gun control issue is one that comes very close to home. I know a bunch of guys at our church who own AR-15s--for hunting and for taget shooting.

The thing is, if you grow up surrounded by guns used for hunting and sport (I live in Pennsylvania, where every hunting season we host one of the largest armed bodies in the world), you wind up thinking of guns (of all sorts) merely as tools. Any tool can be misused by an individual (remember demon!Dean trying to bash Sam's head in with a hammer?), but that doesn't mean everyone else should be penalized for their error or malevolence. Especially when the people looking to do damage will simply move on to the next option available--or find a way to break the law and get what they want anyway.

I do think it's telling that most (almost all) mass shootings happen in 'gun free' zones. I work in a gun free zone, and I sometimes wonder about my safety if someone decided to take advantage of that zone--granted, I know that our grounds guy, who lives next door to the building, owns multiple rifles and is a good (and unflappable) shot, but given where my office is, I would likely be trapped in the case of an attack--trapped in a glass box, with nowhere to hide and no way to protect myself. And our police force is small-town, not used to handling anything more intense than yet another robbery at the local 7-11. Honestly, I'd feel a lot safer if I knew some of the guys I work with were armed.

I'll admit, I myself have never fired anything higher caliber than my dad's .22 air rifle. But that's still enough power to kill rabbits and groundhogs, or to injure someone if you handle it carelessly. It's also tremendously fun to plink soupcans with. And should someone ever break into our house, it has a heck of a lot more range and flexibility than the African war club we inherited from my mom's stepfather.

So I guess all I'm asking is for people to consider that when someone says they're against tighter gun control laws, it's not because they're haters or crazed gun enthusiasts. Perhaps they simply have a lifetime of interaction with guns and the law-abiding citizens using them to counterbalance the individuals who do stuff to wind up on the news.
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