Ficlet: The Family That Showers Together... [spn]

A tiny tag for SPN 11.08, "Just My Imagination"--was going to turn it into a 5-things, but never managed to make it happen. But this bit stands well enough alone, I think.

Linda follows Dr. Strummer’s advice and begins with a deep facial scrub, because her face does feel a little stiff, and it’s a small and simple action that doesn’t require thought. And she’s been skimping on her self-care recently, too caught up in making Maddie’s childhood as ideal as possible—which apparently she’s doing so well at, the police and county trauma counselors need to step in.

It takes her a little longer than usual to dry her face afterward, but the counselor was right—she feels a little more centered, able to focus on doing what’s best for her daughter, rather than stewing in self-doubt and recrimination.

Maddie. Maddie is what matters, and she’ll do anything to help her grow up healthy and happy, not matter how strange it seems at the time.

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A lovely exploration of Linda. And she really did need wash Sparkle off her face ;)
I felt kind of sorry for her in that episode--she's clearly trying really hard to be a good mom, and it's not her fault Sparkles got murdered.