Ah the pretty - thank you so much for sharing these! <3

I particularly like #5. Such an eerie angle. Can you tell me which episode it's from?
Clicking through to the original post ... I Know What You Did Last Summer.

It's fun doing the random picture thing, just to see what comes up. I had one stretch that I did for fun and didn't grab to put in a post but really should've, because it about 7 pictures of hands all in a row--a really cool effect.
Actually, if you just mouse over the pictures, the URLs all have the episode title at the end.
Thanks for pointing that out! I was on my phone, so I didn't see the links...

I would have loved to see your random hands collection. ;)
Who know! Perhaps it will strike again--in the scheme of things, there aren't that many photos yet on my Tumblr.
My favorite's The Dean cap from The Purge - the shadows like bars or claws, his profile leaning into the ominous red.