Brat Farrar (bratfarrar) wrote,
Brat Farrar

Never have I ever

Have I told you folks about the time (not all that long ago) that I beat the pants off of everyone at 'never have I ever?' And by everyone, I mean a group of 30+ ladies of various ages. At first I felt kind of sheepish about it, like I was lacking in life experiences, but towards the end it felt more like when you're about to shoot the moon in Hearts: a sort of wild rush of "am I actually going to pull this off?" In retrospect, and with pretty much all of those nevers still intact, there really isn't anything to feel sheepish about--my life probably looks pretty boring from the outside, but it's pretty dang comfortable from the inside and I absolutely wouldn't want to trade with anyone.

Never have I ever:

Been kissed
Been west of Gettysburg, PA
Gone skinny-dipping
Ridden in a school bus
Gotten a speeding ticket
Been drunk or high
Had a cup of coffee
Pulled an all-nighter
I suspect Batman has never felt happy without also feeling vaguely guilty about it
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