Never have I ever

Have I told you folks about the time (not all that long ago) that I beat the pants off of everyone at 'never have I ever?' And by everyone, I mean a group of 30+ ladies of various ages. At first I felt kind of sheepish about it, like I was lacking in life experiences, but towards the end it felt more like when you're about to shoot the moon in Hearts: a sort of wild rush of "am I actually going to pull this off?" In retrospect, and with pretty much all of those nevers still intact, there really isn't anything to feel sheepish about--my life probably looks pretty boring from the outside, but it's pretty dang comfortable from the inside and I absolutely wouldn't want to trade with anyone.

Never have I ever:

Been kissed
Been west of Gettysburg, PA
Gone skinny-dipping
Ridden in a school bus
Gotten a speeding ticket
Been drunk or high
Had a cup of coffee
Pulled an all-nighter
I suspect Batman has never felt happy without also feeling vaguely guilty about it

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Comfortabity is a wonderful thing! Though of course I must selfishly suggest that you come weeeeeessssttttt! :P even though I've only recently been EAST of Pennsylvania without overshooting entirely and ending up on the other side of the Atlantic. And I'm still not convinced the East Coast is a real thing; maybe NYC is just floating out there on its lonesome! :P
Having driven a fair bit of the North-South axis (Virginia to Montreal), I can assure you we do exist outside of NYC. :P

My college roommate keeps trying to get me to visit her in San Francisco. Maybe one of these days....
No coffee? May I ask, is this a religious thing? (Ignore if that's intrusive). :-) But yes, being comfortable is what it's all about. It's funny that you posted this now, because just recently I wrote that I should post a "I'm 45 and I've never___" post, because there are a lot of things most people have done by a much younger age that would make that list for me. Mine would be more along the lines of "bought a TV", but while I've done most of the things on your list at least once, for many it was ONLY once, and most of them I will probably never do again. I always used to win at "Never have I ever", so it's good to meet someone who can beat me...

You might be surprised by the number of virgins over 30 whom I've known. I'm only barely not one myself. I'm a big believer in "not everyone has to be the same", and there are things people don't talk about-- relationships, ways of life, experiences you're supposed to have or not have-- that nonetheless exist, and are right for those who are living them. For example, I'm far from asexual, and I'm attracted to men almost exclusively, but I'm platonically married to a woman, and that turned out to be the only right thing for me.

Interestingly, the coffee is the only thing on the list I would miss, but I didn't drink it until my early thirties, and only started liking the taste of actual coffee much more recently. Until then, I liked a little coffee with my sugar, cream, and/or cocoa. ;-) But since I've given up sugar, I find I'm more open to flavors like bitter...

Like Kalliel, I'm kind of opposite to you in terms of travel. Until a few years ago, I had never been EAST of Columbus, Ohio. Now I've been to the east coast only briefly, but have visited every state west of Nebraska extensively. Makes sense since I live in Colorado.

Fun poll, thanks for sharing.
The no-coffee thing is because I steer clear of caffeine as much as possible--might as well just go to sleep earlier and not need the stimulant in the morning. And I'm not fond of the taste.

(I've never bought a TV either, come of to think of it....)

For me, the never-been-kissed thing is because there hasn't yet been someone I'm willing to make that implicit promise to--and, like Sam and Dean, all my emotional needs are amply filled by familial relationships. Perhaps someday the guy will come along who's worth leaving my parents for, but not yet. (Or, well, following my sister's example, simply absorbing him into the family. My future brother-in-law was one of my closest friends in college.)

What prompted you to give up sugar? I've managed to abandon it in the form of high-fructose corn syrup, but I do like me a bit of pie from time to time.... (and shortbread, mmmm.)

I have a single relative on the west coast--everyone else is arrayed somewhere along the east coast.
Yeah... I used to be the same about caffeine, and I still think that in principle, but I'm a total caffeine addict now. :-( I struggle with sleep issues, so I got myself into that, and at some point I'll need to kick. ;-)

Giving up sugar wasn't exactly my choice, but I'm glad of it (other than missing pie and, even more importantly for me, CHOCOLATE). Most people don't have to be as strict as I do-- it's pretty much no sugar forever, plus low carb (very little grains of any kind). I even have to be careful with fruit and potatoes. I had to do it for health reasons; I have a blood-sugar related thyroid disease and was pre-diabetic. I went through hell trying to figure out how to feel better, because doctors, other than saying I'll be on thyroid meds for the rest of my life, weren't much help. My own research turned up the low carb, no-sugar option, and I was desperate so I tried it, and I felt so much better that I don't even miss the sweets most of the time anymore (I can still have Splenda in my coffee). It's been about a year. Interestingly enough, in addition to curing (or at least helping a lot) my severe fatigue, depression, and headaches, side effects included losing 35 pounds, and I am now in the healthy weight range for the first time in my adult life. I expected that, but less expected is that it all but cured my respiratory allergies.

I'm with ya on the emotional needs. I've been lucky enough to have that perfectly balanced relationship with my best friend since we were 13, and when I was dating, I just found I didn't have room, or need, in my life for that kind of relationship with a man. So I gave up dating and got a civil union with BL. As long as a person has what she needs, why go outside that?

Absorbing one's partner into the family is AWESOME. My nieces and nephews call BL their aunt, too. :-)
Interestingly enough, in addition to curing (or at least helping a lot) my severe fatigue, depression, and headaches, side effects included losing 35 pounds, and I am now in the healthy weight range for the first time in my adult life. I expected that, but less expected is that it all but cured my respiratory allergies.

Wow--that's quite a testimonial! I'm very glad it proved so successful for you.

My nieces and nephews call BL their aunt, too.

Sweet! I must admit that being called "Ya-ya" by my sister's kids is pretty awesome. And my sister and I grew up calling various people "aunt" and "uncle" because they were such close friends with my parents. Probably explains in part why, like Dean, I tend to skip over "friend" and straight to "family", regardless of blood relation.
I feel much the same. I'm glad I lack the more dubious life experiences. I have been slightly drunk and it felt horrible, not something I wish to repeat.
In my case, the horror stories told by my parents about their college experiences of drinking too much (and then seeing other people deal with the consequences of such behavior once I too got to college) was amply enough to convince to be aggressively moderate in my imbibing.

As you say, absolutely no regrets there. :D
As usual, I'm the permissive heathen.

I wish there were a indoor pool around here with some gender-segregated hours. I love swimming without clothes on; my bathing clothes are a long-sleeved rashguard and board shorts that cover my knees - they keep the sun off my skin and help me feel dignified, but aren't the easiest to swim in.
As usual, I'm the permissive heathen.

Or perhaps we're all just boring sticks-in-the-mud. ;P

My uncle put in a lap-pool in their backyard so my aunt could do her morning swim in the all together.
Permissive heathendom is also quite boring. The scandalous partner-swapping lifestyle largely involves going over to a particular friend's house twice a month to cook dinner, watch Netflix and sew, and go to bed at 10. Oh, and the four of us canning jam and pickles. We made cheese once, I guess that was pretty exciting.

I am a fan of doing actual swimming sans clothes, but if I am going to be merely near water or in and out of it my tastes run more in the burquini line (no joke, there are some super cute legging-and-tunic style swimsuits out there). I really hate re-applying sunscreen and always seem to miss a few spots.