Poll: Places where I used to be

My first introduction to the concept of using the internet as a place to interact with people came via a highschool friend who set up his own private discussion board--my main memories are of madly changing user icons, names, and taglines, so that every few days it looked like an entirely new batch of people. I don't actually remember the sorts of dicussions we had (aside from the flame war over the legitimacy of Contemporary Christian Music), and can't even entirely remember who all hung out there. And then the friend abruptly pulled the plug on the whole endeavor, leaving most of us to drift over to for a little while--but the site was set up differently enough that the crazy conversations and mad churn of playing with identities stuttered to a halt. I tried using it as a platform for sharing the bits and pieces of fiction I was writing, but it never really gelled--until a college friend pointed me over here to LJ, which has stuck with me for almost 10 years now.

Where else have you folks gotten your social media-ing on?

discussion boards
Batman still doesn't have an LJ because you never got around to finishing that fic

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Long long time ago in a fandom far far away I was a huge Yahoo Groups junkie too! They were like having a pile of picture folders on your own pc and inside each folder was a different discussion or group or set of images. It was confusing and sweaty making, but it was my first intro to a large group of fandom peeps.
I tried the Yahoo Groups thing a couple of times, but was never really able to figure it out--that was right around when I was beginning to wade into LJ, so LJ won out simply by virtue of making sense. :P
They were completely insane, lol, but up until I discovered lj they were my only geeky outlet!
You gotta have someplace to talk about that stuff, right? I was fortunate enough to mostly share fandom interests (not that I would have used that term) with friends and family until college--and even after, on and off. SPN is really the only thing where I don't know anyone personally who's also interested.
I belong to some Yahoo groups as well as LJ and Dreamwidth but not much of anything else. LJ is my main gateway to all my other groups.