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11 scenes I adored from SPN season 11

As always with these lists, not ordered in any way except how things come to mind:

1. I know that technically it's a bunch of scenes, but the whole run of "Baby" up until Sam falls asleep in the car. Finally getting to see the boys on a road trip was a delight--they're just so happy about being with each other. Especially everything after the roadhouse, when they're almost overflowing with giddiness: just them being brothers together in their car, the road underneath them.

2. The interview scene in "Love Hurts"--the blocking is so exquisite that I'm in the process of writing up an extended examination of what's going on there. (And R-P-S: Dean's delight over winning, Sam taking the upstairs anyway.)

3. Sparkle on her face! Just--that whole scene. (And also the bit in the kitchen when Sully first shows up. Gold. Solid shining gold.)

4. Dean and Sam investigating the Lizzie Borden Inn in "Thin Lizzie". Again, more of an extended sequence than a single scene, but it's so delightful seeing them investigate a hoax. And the way their comfort with each other from the previous episode spills over into this one. <3 (Bonus: Sam and Dean eating burgers together by the lake at the end of episode (and Jared giving himself a stomach ache by eating too many for real).)

5. The two of them on that random abandoned pier at the end of "The Vessel". Where was it? Why did they go there? Why is Dean still carrying the dead Hand of God? Don't know, don't care. It's a) beautiful and b) symbolically gorgeous and c) I love it dearly.

6. Shooting the ghost out of the jester mascot in "Plush", with Sam just sticking his fingers in his ears without comment. (And the clown in the elevator--and the little phone conversation about it afterwards. Sam's little coulrophobia arc through the seasons gives me great glee in general. Like, why? Why, Sam? But I suppose it balances Dean's fear of flying. It's kind of delightful that those guys have random fears completely unconnected with any of the season arcs--they're just there to give them more depth and to allow the writers and actors to have fun.)

7. Sam collapsing onto the Impala in "Red Meat", and Dean's visible relief when Sam calls him and confirms that he's alive. Two small physical details, but they go a huge way to reinforce how badly that episode put them both throught the wringer.

8. Beer bottle bowling at the end of "Hell's Angel". Random detail, but so perfect. I love it when the guys do stuff while talking.

9. Sam's apology at the end of "Into the Mystic" and Dean's assurance that it's unneeded. (And the grave-digging conversation.) The final bit of healing from the rocky start to Carver's tenure as showrunner--Thank you, Jeremy Carver, for giving us that before you headed off to the next adventure.

10. The silent moment of Dean and Bobby seeing each other in the nest from "Safe House". Perfect. Anything more and it would have been too much.

11. Sam collecting Dean from the bar in "Behind the Mat". It's just so them and it gives me the warm-and-fuzzies. (Also: clever, Dean, but not quite clever enough.)
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Posts from This Journal “supernatural” Tag