BTW: success!

Never got around to mentioning here: if you break a laptop screen, it's totally worth looking into replacing it. At the suggestion of IT at work, I did that: $80 and 20 minutes gave me my laptop working at 100% again. It's actually even better than before, because I sprung for a better-resolution screen.

It's pretty glorious. :D

The only actually tricky bit was trying to preserve the sticky tape that keeps the outer frame on.
Yes it is...wait, what were you talking about? I got a little distracted by the pretty pictures. :)

Anyway, I'm happy to hear you solved your laptop problem.

It is rather pretty, isn't it? I know some people really dislike 10.22--I would have to love it if only for the visuals. (And Sam making witching-killing bullets! Any time the boys do weapons maintenance or the like the episode automatically gets points from me.)
Ugh, people who don't like that episode are mostly rabid Sam!girls who're still waiting for Dean to apologise to Sam and silly Cas-leaning Destielers who think that no one should ever harm a glorious little hair on precious cinnamon role Cas's glorious little head (completely disregarding all the punches Cas has dealt out over the years).

The visuals are stunning, especially any and all shots of Dean; Rowena is the most awesome person to ever awesome; Cyrus Styne is like a young Sherlock or Sam who only wants to protect the books in the bunker; and we got a facedown between Sam and Crowley that was long overdue!!! I could keep raving about it for hours.
*feels sorry for the people who won't let themselves enjoy an awesome episode*

It's one of those episodes that's so beautiful it practically imprinted itself on my eyeballs on the first watch. Like just about every episode directed by Thomas J. Wright. Gosh are his episodes gorgeous, even above and beyond SPN standards.

(I love his style so much, I actually got an episode of his from NCIS just to see what he could do with that show. And he actually managed to keep me interested the whole time, which was pretty impressive feat, but it was interesting to see just how restricted he obviously was by the limitations of the set and lighting and everything. It was a decent-looking episode, but nothing to even remotely compare to what he achieves on SPN.)
I just looked up Thomas J. Wright's superwiki page, and, gosh, he directed 'Do You Believe In Miracles?' and 'Reichenbach'!!! Now I'm definitely going to remember his name. *fangirls a little*
WOOHOO!!! :D Old shiny that becomes better than new shiny is the best kinda shiny :D