password pandemonium

New parlor game (inspired by the mess that's going on at work right now thanks to ... stuff):

Coming up with crazy but memorable passwords and testing them on HowSecureIsMyPassword.net. Favorites so far include 19Ponies=76Hooves and 4+20BlBiBaInAPi, though 5BlueBirdsIn1Tree! is apparently the best.
I have a password manager and it hasn't worked all that well on some days!
I've been doing a ton of reading up on password security, the last 4-5 days, since I'm building the staff training course on internet safety (we've been having ... issues), and there seem to be three things under debate:

- Just let a password manager do the job! Then you only have one password to remember
- Nah, then you're not actually in control, and if your manager gets hacked, they now have the keys to EVERYthing. Pick one really really strong password and build everything off that. Don't worry about changing in more than once a year (if that)
- Create crazy-difficult, completely unique passwords for everything, don't save anything anywhere, and just hope that there isn't a keylogger recording everything, because then it doesn't matter how good your passwords are.

...It's obviously a complicated issue, and there doesn't seem to be a 'right' answer.

What password manager have you been using? Perhaps I can point you in the direction of a better one.
I have a lifetime subscription to Blur which has the password manager as part of the package. I have been having trouble with it lately and their suggestion is to do a clean re-install of it to fix my problems. I will try that over the weekend. If people weren't such jerks and were not trying to rob everyone we would not have to worry about this stuff but in today's world...what else is new!

Thank you hon.
Oh, Blur! I've heard mixed reviews about them--either people seem to think it's best thing ever, or they run into technical issues.

The possibility of technical issues is why I'll put off resorting to a password manager for as long as possible.
I belong to too many different things to try to remember passwords offhand so I need something to remember for me; especially with the combinations it comes up with.