and another one bites the dust

How to tell you really are too tired to drive over and help your sister out with getting her kids to bed: drop your laptop down the stairs, breaking the monitor. Which wouldn't be an issue, really, if we had any non-HDMI montors that I could plug it into--the laptop itself seems to still be running just fine, but the screen is now just a lovely piece of abstract art.

Well, it had gone all buggy after the Windows 10 install, so I shan't feel too bitter about it.

ETA: here's what the monitor looks like now, only replace Dean's face with random pastel colors and the faint imprints of Windows 10 icons.

It could've sucked a lot worse--not only is the machine itself still functional, but IT from work loaned me a laptop until I can see about replacing the monitor on the broken one.
Damn!!! That SUCKS! *hugs* Although, if your monitor had Dean behind the breakage, would you mind quite as much? ;)