ah, the joys of living in pennsylvania

Get bit by a tick. Spend the evening researching what kind of tick it is, what diseases it might be carrying, the statistical likelihood of those diseases in your region, whether or not they can kill you, what the symptoms are, and at what point you run sceaming to the doctor for broad-spectrum antibiotics.

Answers: American Dog Tick, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Extremely Low, Yes, and if I have so much as a tension headache in the next two weeks because YES.

Many thanks to the Etymology Department of Penn State--even though it took me repeating it five times for my mother to understand and believe that I didn't have to worry about Lyme disease. (Which is a boogeyman around here--everyone knows someone who has some kind of chronic symptom thanks to a delayed diagnosis.) Also, much gratitude to whoever invented the tick key, which really does work as advertised, and was the only thing that could get that bugger off--and did so painlessly and easily. Definitely recommended if you live somewhere with ticks.
Sympathies! I HATE TICKS SO MUCH. I've only had a tick bite once, but it was a bad one (attached for probably 24 hours at least, because it was in an inconspicuous place; high Lyme-disease area; botched the job of digging it out and had to go to urgent care to finish the job). On the bright side, they gave me an immediate antibiotic dose, and whether it was that or the tick being uninfected, I didn't have any issues from it, so ... win?

Realistically I'm pretty sure the chances of catching anything from ANY tick bite are very low, since people get bit all the time, but that doesn't make it any more fun when it happens. :/ I hope things go smoothly from here, and this is the last you'll ever have to think about it.
It was as close to ideal as you can get, in these cases: I found it on my leg before it had time to do more than latch, and got it out completely cleanly (seriously: the tick key is MAGIC)--and was able to identify it with certainty. But yeah, the CDC's statistic of 0.2-1.5 per million was comforting.

Glad to hear you didn't have any ill effects! My uncle's had it twice, no lasting issues, but someone in our church has chronic fatigue and joint pain from a long-misdiagnosed case. So my mom's understandably a bit paranoid about it.
I hate those thing. Got bit when I was younger once. I also live in a high Lyme disease/pick your any disease area. We have a lot of deer.

Glad your OK hon.
Stinks, doesn't it? I refuse to be cowed into spending the non-winter seasons indoors, but that does mean running the risk of getting bitten. >_<

Glad you were okay too!
Me too! I'll just have to keep an eye open for symptoms over the next couple of weeks--Lyme disease is the one that can really hide itself, so thank goodness that's off the table.
I surprised myself by not freaking out at any point. I really kind of expected I would, but instead I was actually cheerful throughout the whole thing. No idea how that happened, but I ain't complaining. :P
Honestly, the whole thing felt somewhat surreal--which probably helped with the not-panicking.