And now, the weather

Guys, it's been snowing non-stop since 9 this morning. If it were about 3 degrees cooler, we'd be knee-deep in the stuff.

I'm not sure how to feel about this. On the one hand, snow!!!! On the other hand, there's not enough on the ground to actually enjoy. On the third hand, there's all kinds of flowering plants that probably wouldn't appreciate being smashed by snow. On the fourth and final hand, it's awfully pretty anyway.

Guess I'll just take it as a lovely (belated) April's fool joke courtesy of the weather.
Perhaps, but I'm guessing they wouldn't appreciate several inches of very wet, very heavy snow.
I'm always so torn when it comes to spring snow. I love snow and this year we didn't get any. But when we finally did get some we were already well into spring and it annoyed the crap out of me. One half of me wanted to admire how pretty it was, while the other half of me fumed because dang it, it's spring and I want spring, not snow!

I often get ridiculously hung up on the weather, especially around spring.
I adore snow but generally I can't stand being cold, so I always root for spring more than winter and get rather testy when winter tries to butt into spring even if snow is involved.
That's a rather frustrating combo! You have my sympathies.

I vastly prefer piling layers on to having to strip them off, so a drop in temperatures is almost always fine with me.
Yeah, we got some ice overnight, too. And 20 minutes from where we were, at a slightly higher elevation, they had actual snow accumulation. It was kind of weird to drive into the church parking lot and see all these cars partially-covered in snow. In April.
Well, we have had blizzards before in April and May. Lets hope this last flake will be the last for this year.
Oh, the temperature's gone back up again--I was comfortably barefoot outside, yesterday. But I appreciate the sentiment! :D