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Show bleed

It's more like having a friend than watching a TV show. Or something. Random stuff keeps making me think of it. (Maybe it's hiatus-brain. Anyone else suffering from that particular ailment?)

Mission Impossible (1996): crawling through the air ducts to get to the secure computer terminal. Immediately reminded of Dean crawling through the air ducts in “Jump the Shark”.

X-files (two of the meta episodes): different people telling their versions of the same incidents. Constant mental flashes to “Tall Tales”, and a little bit of “Roadkill”. Also, the one where Mulder (maybe) ends up on a time-traveling, Nazi-infested cruise liner made me think of just about every single time-traveling episode SPN’s done, and how they all had legitimate in-show reasons for existing. (And then “The Vessel” made me think of the X-files episode, and really, for all that the X-files had some great visuals and a decent atmosphere of tension, (as far as I could tell) in the end it accomplishes *nothing*, plot- and character-wise, except to remind us that Mulder is reckless and Scully will do whatever’s required to save him. At least the SPN episodes either a) explain backstory, b) provide the characters with needed information for season arc, or c) give the boys a chance to kill the monster of the week. But I suppose this can just be chalked up as another reason I’ve watched only a handful of X-files episodes—the shows have very different sensibilities, and I enjoy only one of them.)

Top Hat (1935): the closing dance number, where Fred and Ginger are dancing to “Cheek to Cheek”. I’ve had this song stuck in my head for days, and finally realized what I’m actually mentally hearing is a mash-up of Fred’s version with Alistair’s, from “On the Head of a Pin”—which is a bit surreal and creepy.

Fried mac'n'cheese bites at the deli where I get lunch: Dean would probably think they were awesome; Sam might try them out of nostalgia for his brother's childhood cooking. (They're really tasty, BTW.)
Tags: supernatural

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