current status

Literally snowed in.

(Well, sort of: we can still get out the back, thanks to our covered porch, but the front doors open about 1/4 an inch, if even that.)

Last time this happened, I was maybe 11.

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We're currently almost waist-deep. And it's still going great gang-busters, and it's blowing so hard there's really almost no point shoveling.

Which is kind of funny, given that it's only snowed twice previously this winter, both times just barely dusting the ground. I guess the weather is playing catch-up. :P
Oh wow! That's pretty exciting, actually. I hope nobody has to go anywhere, and you can just stay home and enjoy the snow in peace.
It looks like we should be able to--the only thing we had scheduled for tomorrow was church, and we just got the phone call that it was cancelled. So as long as the power doesn't go out, we're good to just stay snuggled up at home. Eating stew and cookies. :D
Yeah, It's blizzard conditions here too. Stuck my nose out about 1 pm but have stayed cozy since. Not planning to worry until the big dig out! Stay safe those of you in the storm.