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SPN 11.09 reaction

Well, my icon says most of it. But I'll add that it felt like the first half of a season end, not mid-point--they really pulled out (almost) all the stops.[Spoiler (click to open)]Question, though, for anyone else who's seen it. What did you think of Cas's absence? Was it so that Dean would have a card up his sleeve to play in 11.10? Was it just that there wasn't room for him? In-story, it would have made sense for Sam to have him as backup for his jaunt with Crowley and Rowena....

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Your icon was me by the end of the ep.

Cas was very noticeable by his absence. But what surprised me even more was that he wasn't even mentioned in the whole ep. Not even a line explaining where he was and what he's up to.

Had the same thought about the complete lack of any mention of Michael. Very weird!!!
I very dearly hope that both absences are addressed in 11.10.

But in the meantime, the writers certainly gave us plenty to chew on!