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SPN Halloween meme

Courtesy of steeplechasers

1. What, in your opinion, is the scariest moment in SPN? Probably a tie between the coming-out-of-the-mirror moment in "Bloody Mary" and the crossing-the-salt-line in "Family Remains"

2. What's your favourite spooky SPN fic? (Alternatively, what fic unsettled you the most without necessarily being intentionally spooky?) It's not exactly creepy, and didn't exactly unsettle me, but Scheherazade of the Super Eight--happy ending, sure, but kinda freaky middle.

3. Plug the spookiest SPN fic you've ever written! (Alternatively, talk about why you'll never write horror fic--I'm curious!) I'm just not interested in horror as a genre; my weak spot has always been characters who are competent--I like seeing them succeed in difficult circumstances. Which is why I have such a weakness for the Winchesters and so strongly dislike stories that end without at least a measure of hope. (I've written exactly one "everything goes horribly, horribly wrong" story, for SGA.)

4. Who's the scariest SPN character ever? Naomi's pretty unsettling--someone who can so completely monkey with the inside of your head that you don't know she ever did anything. And Gordon--someone who is absolutely, blindly certain that they're right, careless of collatoral damage, and able to do a lot of it. For the creep factor? ...Hm. Alistair, maybe, because of how completely he destroyed Dean, even while Dean was doing everything to destroy him.

5. If SPN were to go full-bore freaky again, s1-style, what would you like to see them do? Something minimalist. Corner-of-your-eye type stuff. Leave lots of room for the viewers' imaginations.

6. What's your favourite scary story in general? Creepypasta, traditional folklore, anything! The hidebehind/behinder--which probably isn't a surprise, given my answer to the previous question. Not so scary in the Wikipedia description, but imagine being stalked by one of those things ... you know there's something following you, but can never catch a glimpse of it. (And then it eats you.)

7. Which SPN monster is your favourite? Ghosts. Hands-down, no question about it.

8. If you were a hunter, which cases would you never touch with a ten-foot pole? Um. Werewolves, maybe? Vampires? Ones where I ran the risk of getting turned into the thing.

9. What's your phobia? Don't really have one--that I'm aware, of at least. Might discover one later in life. (Well, judging by the closest I ever have to nightmares, all my teeth falling out.)

10. Besides the obvious, why do you think Sam feels so touchy about Halloween? People taking dangerous things and turning them into party games? I dunno. I think the obvious is plenty enough to go on.

11. What's your costume this year, and what costumes do you think Sam and Dean have donned in the past? No costume for me! I'm sure they've done Superman and Batman at least once.

12. Finally, how do you celebrate Halloween? Turn off all the lights, go down to the basement (where the TV is), and watch vaguely Halloween-related movies. These have ranged from Wallace and Gromit and the Curse of the Were-rabbit to Arsenic and Old Lace to the Shakespeare Retold version of MacBeth, which creeped my dad and me out so badly that we declared we were never doing that ever again. But this year I'll probably watch some of the more horror-style episodes of SPN.
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