Taking inspiration from Dr. Seuss & Sam Gamgee

Favorite ways to eat potatoes

Red potato
Blue potato
Baked potato
New potato(es)
Fry them
Mash them
Put 'em in a stew
(Soup is rather nice, too)
Batman's partial to Alfred's scalloped potatoes)

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Assuming you mean the AO3 meme...

1. It comes with its own comic strip!

2. It kept spawning things--I think it grew to five or six semi-related ficlets. I don't know if any of the readers noticed, but there's actually a running subplot through a bunch of them.

3. I do sort of miss the heady, loopy days of the fandom when I wrote things like killer cupcakes and could get a surprisingly sizable audience.
The Gaffer's delight, and rare ballast for an empty belly!

I love potatoes. I don't get to eat almost any anymore, though, since I have to be low-carb. :-}
Aw! That's tough. I have no-gluten friends who are very glad they can still eat potatoes.