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SPN 11.03 reaction post

I totally called it!

With the darkness being a revisit of the Leviathan arc, I mean: "I'm hungry. I'm hungry. I'm hungry." But eating souls is so much creepier than genetic modification and implied death-by-melted-cheese.

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Rowena continues to remind me of a precocious child with (mostly) the power and guile to enact her whims. Crowley is in over his head but doesn't want to admit it. Cas is fixed and likely off to go hunt down Metatron. The show continues its tradition of filming our heroes like they're creepers (thanks, Ackles!). A secret is aired but doesn't seem to do much damage (whew). Some awesome moments of the boys functioning as a well-oiled machine (loved the whole interrogation room scene).

The porn gag was a little cheap, but that was really my only moment of disappointment in the episode.

All in all? A nice wrap-up to the season's opening.