No, but--that was pretty much exactly half of what I was hoping for, and I'm glad Carver warned us that it would basically be a two-parter. Crowley and hell were rather delicious; Cas and heaven were rather 'meh'; sleeping-beauty!Dean was very pretty, and Sam was very, very Sam. *pets him*

...I really wish we didn't have to wait for 11.02.
You're not the only one who feels that way. :)

I don't share my episode reactions in public, because I want to remain positive about the show and don't want to get involved in wank, but since you're even more wonderfully optimistic about everything than I am, I would be willing to share the thoughts I've written up about it with you in private, if you want to.
It's up to you! If you feel like sharing, I will happily read and respond in (optimistic) kind. I will be attempting to not do too much reading of other people's reactions, as I get tired of having to defend my enthusiasm to myself, but it is nice to have at least a few people to share the show with while it airs.

So it's really up to you. I'll probably stick with this style of reaction for the season: basic response in body of post, details in comments.

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