Yeah, he could have but I liked the actor who originally played Brat too.
I liked it and the actor was cute too.

Brat Farrar (TV Mini-Series 1986)

When Alex Loding passes Brat Farrar in the street, he's struck by Brat's uncanny resemblance to Simon Ashby. Simon had a older twin brother, Patrick, who disappeared a decade ago, and was presumed drowned. Simon now owns the family farm, Latchetts, a top-notch stable. Alex asks Brat, who loves horses, if he'd care to impersonate Patrick to disinherit Simon. But as Brat grows closer to the Ashby family, he finds the role a dangerous and wearing one; especially as he begins to suspect that Patrick's death wasn't an accident.

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Amazon failed me, but it looks like the whole thing's up on DailyMotion.

*bookmarks to watch later*

(I have no qualms about watching "pirated" films if the creator gives me no way of purchasing them.)
It was like, "huh, the little analytics bar in the side menu just spiked." *checks it out* "O-kay, I guess people just really like Dean in a cowboy hat..."

Which is funny, because it's nowhere near my favorite pic that I've posted so far, my favorite of him, or even my favorite of him in a cowboy hat. But everybody has different tastes, I suppose...