*puts on meme curlers*

I currently have 86 works archived at AO3. Pick a number from 1 (the most recent) to 86 (the first thing I posted there), and I'll tell you three things I currently like or three random tidbits about it.

Although given that it's five pages to try and count through, feel free to pick a number randomly (or just give me a title).
3 - Rural Life

1. Stargate: Atlantis left me with many regrets, one of which was how little the writers actually explored how a culture used to being eaten by aliens would interact with a culture that had never experienced that and mostly didn't even know aliens existed. (My regrets about SGA are a large reason why I wrote so much about it.)

2. Teyla's parade experience is drawn in part from my childhood experience's watching parades at my grandmother's each year--although we were in the suburbs, on a sidewalk, with plenty of elbow room. I was a little shocked how many sense memories I experienced while writing it.

3. Bill does not exist in canon. (In fact, none of the family I write for John Sheppard exists in canon; conversely, John's canon family does not exist for me.) But I do love him, and his farm, and his 14 rescued dogs that follow him around and herd his ducks, and the fact that he wants to be family for Sheppard even though they didn't really interact much growing up because they're only second cousins.
(My regrets about SGA are a large reason why I wrote so much about it.)
I think you mentioned that before, but I still find that very interesting.
Well, I loved the characters (most of them) and the setting and the premise--and writing about them served as a way to alleviate my frustration at how the writing staff squandered all three. (Which, come to think of it, is probably why I'm so often baffled at the negative statements made by disgruntled SPN fans. I could go on at loooong length about all the ways SPN's writing blows that of SGA out of the water.)

And then I found a fan writer that did nearly everything I wished the staff writers would, and I pretty much gave up on canon at that point. Still haven't watched the series finale, and probably never will.
And because I'm pretty sure you're not an SGA fan, I'll throw in Light Me Up for free, which was written off the same prompt and is next in line (4).

1. I love gigantic run-on sentences, in case you hadn't noticed. This one came out rather well, I think.

2. Headcanon: the boys (especially Dean) were even more casual about B&E when they were teenagers.

3. Sam's smile will shine so bright Dean would be willing to burn down an entire state just to get him to smile like that again. I just really like this line, partly because he wouldn't, not really--but he'd probably wish he could bring himself to do it.
Thank you for the link - I really enjoyed reading that ficlet. Lovely prose in general, and that last line... *melts*
It's funny you mention B&E, because one of my latest headcanons which promptly made it into "A Walk in Space" is that "Dean was pretty sure B&E rocked Sam’s world". :) To me it seems that for Dean it's something that's part of the job (unless of course it's part of making Sam happy, as in your fic!), but it's not something he enjoys like, say, decapitation, whereas Sam genuinely gets a kick out of sneaking into other people's houses...
Sam genuinely gets a kick out of sneaking into other people's houses

*mulls it over* Yeah, I can kind of see that. He definitely does out of hacking into peoples' computers and email, so it's plausible enough that the physical equivalent would also entertain him. And it would explain why Dean so often lets him pull out the lockpicks despite being apparently just as capable.
Pick Yourself Up, Try Again

1. I like the efficiency of this piece: I managed to explore three characters in under 200 words. Nothing's wasted, each sentence, each word has a purpose.

2. I wish I could comment on the initial prompt, but that's been lost--alas! But given the original time-stamp, I wrote it instead of working on my senior essay for college. (Perhaps that explains the subject matter.)

3. It's kind of funny how even this, which starts off comparing Sam and Teyla, winds up being about John Sheppard at the end. (That happened with great frequency, now that I stop and think about it.)
A Theory of Parallels

1) This story is near and dear to my heart. It's the 'best of all possible worlds' scenario, where Rodney gets an awesome best friend and surrogate family and never becomes the jerk he is in canon. John has everything he wants on the ground and so doesn't need to fly--winds up happy with a wife and (future) kids and a ridiculous farmer's tan. The SGC winds up with a healthy Alterran--who doesn't have her head crammed with useful tech stuff, but enough general knowledge to still be helpful.

2) I hope Ana doesn't come across as a mary sue or anything--I love her so much I can't really judge with any objectivity.

3) I don't know why the scenes are in the chronological order they are, but it's what felt right.
Preserve Your Memories

1) I find the story and character of Peter Pan fascinating, in case you couldn't guess from this story, and figuring out what the inside of his head would sound like was a lot of fun. No memories, for one thing, but he doesn't realize this. No real sense of time, and a nearly complete lack of empathy.

2) If I were Jane, I'd be asking to go home right after the end of this story, because Peter is creepy as all get out. In the book he's very alien; the movies/stage productions tend to tame him a fair bit to make him more sympathetic.

3) No matter how much fun it is to sing "I won't grow up", I can think of few things more horrifying to actually experience.