daddy's girl

Best lullaby I know

Mostly because I can sing it umpteen times in a row and not get sick of it--and if the kid's even remotely tired, knocks 'em right out.

In other news, Benadryl Spray is the best thing ever, and my poison ivy reaction is mostly gone. Huzzah!
Lovely--can you actually sing it with Celticy trills? I'll be fantastically impressed if you say yes!
My own favorite is My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean, which has four verses to stretch out the length. Of course, once the kidlings get old enough to understand the words, it's a bit sad, but it does end happily, so all's well. =)
Glad to hear your rash is on its way out!

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I tend to sing it super-smooth and a bit more drawn out--I can do the trills if I want, but they're a little jarring if you're trying to get someone to sleep.

My favorite song to sing to my sister's kids is Jean Ritchie's version of Little Pig, which sounds like the most cheerful, upbeat song ever and ends with everyone dead. There's a marvelous choral version of it on this album, but I can't find an upload anywhere to share with you. :(
So many children's songs and stories from long ago are rather horrific, with the lullabies being, oddly, no exception. Of course, I find my own culture immensely odd and often disturbing, so I figure it's just how people are, in any age!
Very true.... :P

Of course, death was a constant companion in the pre-antiseptic days, so it's understandable it was so present in their entertainment.