Weekend Words III

1) Fridays in the summer I get off early.

2) I have a deep want/need to get back into the swing of writing.

2b) But in order for this to actually happen, I need help remembering how much I truly do enjoy writing. On an individual sentence, tweak-each-word-until-it's-perfect scale.

3) THEREFORE: Leave me three (3) words in the comments and before Monday morning I will write at least one hundred (100) words somehow related to your prompt. You may request a fandom, but no guarantees. I do promise I won't include a fandom that/if you didn't ask for [it].

IN SUM: 3 words gets you at least 100 in return: that's a pretty good ROI.
Not for the first time, John entertained the possibility that Rodney's claims that Carson actually practiced voodoo instead of medicine. Because really, was there any other reason to draw so much blood?

"We have to make sure you weren't poisoned," Dr. Biro claimed as she took away the latest offering.

"Well, I was stabbed and bled out for awhile," John pointed out (despite his lack of audience). "Maybe it would be a good idea to leave my remaining blood where it is?" The empty room remained silent, which he took as assent. "And anyway, Rodney got nicked by the same knife, so why isn't he in here too?"

Of course, the next day when he learned that Rodney had seized twice during the night and had almost died alone in his bedroom, he was kind of glad no one had been around to hear him.