Cross-posting blues

I always forget during writing lulls how much of a pain it is to maintain two separate archives in addtion to this LJ. And how much I despise having to formulate summaries (or coming up with a suitable excerpt).

It's a good problem to have, I suppose--I'd rather have a bunch of stuff to post than not, but it does become rather time-consuming. And then I'll spot a typo in one place and have to track it down in the others as well. Sometimes I wonder how necessary the WordPress archive is, but I've had too many fics disappear on me as a reader to not maintain backups as a writer.

So. I hope no one's subscribed in all three places, because if so, you're going to get spammed over the course of the next day.

I really need to get better at cross-posting immediately after I've finished something, rather than letting them pile up into an actual project--as is currently the case.

*looks at list of things to be cross-posted and sighs*
Well, that means you're guaranteed first crack at everything, so that's either for the best or not. :P