Supernatural 1.08

Say what you like about "Bugs"--the story is very weak, the dialog verges on OOC at times, it contains the world's shortest night, "bugs just aren't scary!"--you can't deny that Kim Manners made it look like a million bucks.

This is what I'm finding as I go through the episodes, screen cap by screen cap: some of those that are sort of scorned by fandom as being, I don't know, 'bad' or boring or whatever, are just flat-out beautiful at times. (I grabbed so many caps from "Bloodlines" it's a little ridiculous.) So this little venture of mine is beginning to feel like a treasure-hunt where I hit jackpot more often than not.

I hope it can help others also appreciate episodes they initially wrote off.
I don't think anything could ever prompt me to rewatch Bugs, but that screen cap you linked certainly is very beautiful.

Please continue your little treasure hunt, it's awesome! <3
There are a handful of scenes that I like, from pretty early in the episode, but yeah--not one I'll ever watch in its entirety again, unless I'm marathoning the entire show with someone. (And I'd probably make a lot of 'bathroom runs' at strategic points.)
I'm glad you're taking the time to collect these. :) I haven't watched the show in several years, and when I was watching, I never really noticed the artistry of it. So I really appreciate having my attention drawn to aspects of the show that I missed.
It's proving to be a great way to pass the hiatus while waiting for season 11 to start up. :)

But yeah, I was surprised when I started looking around that nobody seems to have done this before--there are lots of screen cap blogs, but they seem to be focused almost entirely on the main/recurring characters, and not so much the general aesthetic.

Of course, it makes watching some other shows kind of painful in comparison, because they're basically "shot, reverse shot, static wide-shot, cut to new scene". The visual element of the story-telling is largely absent, making everything feel sort of flat and generic. In some cases the story, dialogue, and acting is able to carry the show despite that--in other cases, it means there's nothing to distract from the show's other weaknesses.

But I've always been a very picky viewer, and I find that this is giving me at least a visual vocabulary for understanding why some things work for me and others don't.