Art in motion

It's easy to take for granted how gorgeous Supernatural can be--I hadn't really sat down and actually appreciated that aspect of it until I was prompted to do so a couple weeks ago. Since then, I've been sort of obsessing over it, as I tend to do unless I can find an outlet--which is why I now have a tumblr.

(Several of my friends are now suddenly in deep mourning for me; fear not, dear friends: I've turned off every alert/statistic tracker I could find, and my 'stream' (is that the correct term? Do I even really care? No.) consists of a handful of people I was already tracking through rss feeds.)

Art in motion exists purely and solely to give me a place to track and organize the visual aspects of the show that catch my eye as I'm watching--so it's really a gallery and nothing else. Stills only: no videos, no gifs, no meta, no edits, no reblogging of anything. Just a single daily screen cap, labelled with the episode number/title, the director, any recurring characters, and who made the screen cap.

First week's-worth is queued up, and the most difficult thing was not simply spamming it with 50 shots from the same episode--I'll be trying to keep it a fairly even mix of all 10+ seasons.

....and I wrote several more paragraphs, but LJ keeps eating them, so I'll just give up and post this now.
these are some of my favourites! you have a great eye :)

i would mention some of my own favourites, but most of them are just sam's face in various stages of sadness. but i will say that 2.02 is one of my most favourite episodes in terms of art direction. s10 had some REALLY beautiful shots going, as well. maybe not so much in terms of mise-en-scene but in terms of experimentation with camera movement, ohh, child. does my heart good. <3

i'm not on tumblr anymore but i'll check this periodically, it feels--soothing!
I may do some experimenting to see how difficult it would be to mirror the posts here on LJ--I thought about hosting it all here, but decided I didn't want to eat up my remaining image storage space on screen caps. But if I can hotlink to the images on Tumblr....

We'll see.
Alas, it does not appear LJ is willing to get along with Tumblr, so I can neither hotlink to the images, nor embed the Tumblr posts in an LJ post--it just strips the coding down to the base link.

Oh, well. I'm posting only one image a day for the foreseeble future, so checking it once a week or so should be plenty.

most of them are just sam's face in various stages of sadness.

Ha! Sam does do that beautifully, no question about it. I'll have some of that type of shot too, but I wanted to start off with a more general mix. One of the things I noticed in my Tumblr stalking is that the same set of screen shots of the boys seem to get circulated over and over, which made me realize I wanted something that celebrated the visual aspect of the show as a whole, and not just the boys being pretty. (Though they are very pretty.)
Yup, I have a collection of those, and the Impala is definitely getting her own recurring character tag. :D
Bloody Valentine
So I've been very slowly making my way through SPN, and just watched My Bloody Valentine tonight. Boy, am I glad I read your post about visual imagery before watching that episode! It's a great episode all around - we start seeing some more personality in Cass, great angsty introspection with Dean, and a fun and interesting villainous twist. But sometimes I can just let the episode slide past without really looking at it, and sparing the extra attention to notice framing and use of color gave me a greater appreciation for the time that goes into designing the little details. Also, I suddenly began to notice the almost sarcastic use of the horror film jump scare technique to reveal Cass' sudden comings and goings. :D

I'll definitely be keeping an eye on your tumblr, so as I make my way through the series I can play treasure hunter with your screenshots.
Re: Bloody Valentine
Howdy, stranger! :P


It's so nice to have a real life friend who's also a fan! Nobody else I know in person watches the show, so I sometimes wonder if I'm a loon for loving it so much.

You're right about how it can be hard to notice the visual while being carried along by the story, though there are some episodes so drenched in beauty it really is like watching a moving piece of art. What's fun about trolling through the screen caps as I've been doing, is that I'm noticing that certain recurring directors have that effect in spades--Robert Singer and Kim Manners are the two obvious ones, but there are some other really talented people behind the camera. Just finished going through season 10's "About a Boy" (such a treat, if you haven't seen it yet), and it felt like I was pulling every other cap, the whole episode is so gorgeous.

I only started this project on Saturday, and I'm already up to 220+ caps from only 19 episodes. Definitely not going to run out of fodder any time soon. :D