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Thoughts on 'Supernatural'

I think this is the only TV show where I've rewatched the same episode 5 times immediately after it aired, or have been willing to slog through every single episode of an iffy season just because, or have actually made my mom watch episodes with me (well, except for Life--but that was almost like a miniseries for us, because it was over by the time I discovered it and we watched the whole thing in 2-3 weeks). I still haven't seen any of season 6 of Highlander, aside from the finale.

I know this is the only TV show I've returned to after many years' absence. (Of course, that was an enforced absence, not a voluntary one *shakes fist at dead-and-unmourned Dell Inspiron*. But still! Usually once I'm gone, I'm gone.) SGA lost me, Burn Notice lost me, Dr. Who lost me--not because of a drop-off in quality or anything, I just loved the Amy/Rory/11 combo, and once that was gone, I just ... didn't care enough to finagle access to the show. Still haven't gone back and even rewatched episodes of any of those, although I really should marathon season 1 of SGA, just so I can finish that time-travel AU. (But if it wasn't part of the Amazon Prime bundle....? Not something I'd spend money on or risk bugging up my computer for.)

I can say, quite definitely, that this is the only anything to get me to spend $500 in a month and a half just so I could watch every single episode. Without hesitation--and I usually sit on those sorts of decisions for ages. But Supernatural? Click, click, click, no second-guessing. And no regrets, either, 170+ episodes later.

Another only: this is the first show/movie to get me actually interested in the actors & crew. It's a little embarrassing how many hours of con footage I've watched (and stayed up far too late for in the process). Usually I prefer not to know, because it makes it harder to enjoy what's on screen if I've heard that so and so was actually a huge jerk, or supports some iffy organization. These guys? Knowing about their behind-the-scenes relationships and interests makes me even more invested in what's on the screen.

Sometimes it feels a little like I got knocked over the head or something, I love this show so much. It's ... disconcerting. The nit-picking editor that resides in the back of my brain pretty much just goes along for the ride, and you have no idea how strange and marvelous that is. I'm actually a little terrified to share Supernatural with friends and family because I don't want to have to defend how much I enjoy it--but at the same time, I kind of want to shove it in their faces while shouting 'isn't this the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?!'

Maybe a large part of it is that I find Sam and Dean's relationship utterly believable. I was home schooled, and all my friends were home schooled, and when your siblings are the people you spend the majority of the time with, when you're marked as "other" throughout your childhood by society at large--it looks something like that. (On one occasion, we did a field trip with several batches of public school kids, and they all thought my one friend and her brother were boyfriend and girlfriend, just because of how they didn't really have any personal space. My sister and I? If we're on the same sofa, we'll wind up basically sitting on top of each other. Pretty much every single time. It's what can happen when you spend enormous quantities of time with siblings in ... sheltered? Protected? Private? something like that ... places. You don't worry about how it looks to outsiders, because you both know it's just you being siblings. So Sam and Dean's lack of physical boundaries never struck me as odd.) And it's really rare for me to connect like that with what's on the screen.

Anyhow, my apologies to those readers remaining from my SGA days--that era is pretty much over, I think, unless I do manage to finish Things Already Seen. But that would be the last hurrah.
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