poem: lament for two still living

Popsicle sticks and bitter tears--
that's the way (my dears, o my dears)
if you want to build a hero.

Ravenous things and wild boys,
salt and silver bullets for toys--
all can be borne if together.

But birds with wings will want to fly
(all but the blind look to the sky);
one can't stay, the other can't go.

Brother, soldier, scholar--or knife:
cut yourself open on this life
so sharp it's light as a feather.

Hey, look--I wrote a thing! (Please don't ask me to explain any of it, because I don't know either.)
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Thanks! I wrote it on my lunch break, so I was a little worried it came out as word-salad instead of poetry.
I think this is the first thing SPN-thing I ever wrote, so it's obviously influenced more by the very early seasons. I'm glad that neither boy wants to fly now--that they're happy (mostly) together. <3