Cleaning out the office

Well, actually "the archives", which by the end of the process will actually be an archive (more or less) instead of just a collection of things in boxes stacked to above my head.

It's going to take a while.

But today I took GREAT pleasure in throwing away A Reader In Library Administration and Scientific Management of Library Operations. Such pleasure. There are a number of reasons why I'll never go for an MLIS, but the existence of such books is a pretty large chunk of them.
The book sounds dreadful. Are you still working in a library?
Oh, yes. Although I'm on time-share with our IT department, doing course-building in our LMS, and will soon be adding website/blogging duties. Because we've been so efficient in cleaning out the offices over the past year, I have only a handful of remaining "projects" in the library, and the day-to-day stuff I'm doing is nearly all technical support anyway.
Whoops--unintended bit of jargon. "Learning Management System". It's for online/hybrid courses.

Our IT director's been threatening to poach me for years, so he's finally making it happen. :P