Brat Farrar (bratfarrar) wrote,
Brat Farrar

Eleventh day of Christmas

Stumbled across this verson of (one of) my favorite Christmas song--if you've ever wondered what Medieval rock would sound like, this is pretty much it. (If it's a little too rocky for you, there's always the Steeleye Span rendition, which plays it pretty much straight.)

If you're a fan of science fiction TV shows and movies, you're very likely already aware of SF Debris. If not, and you like meta/highly sarcastic critiques of bad story-telling, you should check it out. One of the things I appreciate about his reviews is that in addtion to shredding stupid stories, he also looks at how the same basic stories could have been salvaged--which is helpful if you're a writer and trying to improve your plot/characterization abilities.
Tags: reviews & recommendations, youtube

  • february is apparently snow month this year

    I REALLY wish we still got snow days--February would've been nearly as much vacation as work, this year. :P


    :cackles maniacally: Just in time, too--our front lawn was starting to show grass again. It's all safely covered up now!

  • let it snow, let it snow (it did actually snow another 2 inches, btw)

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