Brat Farrar (bratfarrar) wrote,
Brat Farrar

St. Stephen's day

I couldn't find any recordings of St. Stephan's day hymns (though there are a whole bunch, they don't seem to be sung much any more. Understandable, given that the subject is someone being stoned to death), so have the old familiar Good King Wenceslaus:

And, again in lieu of anything written by me, I commend to you troyswann's Peregrin series. It's a fantasy AU for the TV series Lewis, but if you've never heard of the show, don't let that stop you. It stands perfectly well on its own, and contains one of the most original, fascinating, and beautiful fantasy worlds (and systems of magic) I've come across. There's also murder and (fantastic) theology and angst, which is to be expected, given the source material. (If you'd prefer it collected into a PDF, that's available here, but it's several chapters short because I haven't updated it since last year.)
Tags: reviews & recommendations, youtube

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