Really and truly: sticking to the ground and the street and everything.

Every time it snows--every time--I have this breathless, yearning, delighted feeling, like I could/should almost crawl out of my skin (myself) in order to get into it properly. Same feeling I get while driving through the rolling Pennsylvania farm country, or look out over the ocean in the early morning or dying evening, or in winter when the trees are like black lace against a twilight sky.

It's only 9 pm and I have a headlamp. I think I'm going for a walk.
Predicting snow for us, too. But whether it will stick is another matter.
I mostly don't check the weather predictions anymore just because it's more fun to be surprised (and I keep an umbrella at work, just in case).
So, you got the irritations that go with snow, without much of the enjoyment? That's too bad.
Not looking forward to the white stuff. Some prediction for us too.
Well, I'm sorry you don't enjoy it. I hope all your snow winds up here, because I never have enough of the stuff.
Sorry to offend, I do enjoy it but don"t like a lot of it. I promise to keep all other opinions to myself from now on. Have fun in the snow.
...I'm sorry? It was supposed to be a sort of joking reply. I wasn't offended by your comment, and I really am sorry if you thought I was being snippy--that wasn't my intended tone at all!
I love it when it snows. So beautiful and serene! Lucky you. I hope you enjoyed your walk.

This is going to sound truly bizarre considering that I live in Alaska, but Fairbanks's desert climate means that it doesn't snow a whole lot -- mostly we get a light dusting of dry sandy snow, or months on end of clear weather. Maybe a few times a year, if we're lucky, we get a true, big-fluffy-flake snowfall. I always look forward to it when it does.
Oh, that's too bad about your climate--we've gone through a decade or so of fairly little snow, so last winter was a marvelous change, and this winter seems to be off to a good start (we still have remnants from the other day). So I can deeply sympathize with a long, snowless period!
And yes, it was a lovely walk! Even though it was in pajamas, my dad's old sweater, and crocs without socks. I would have stayed out even longer if my headlamp's battery hadn't started dying (and if I'd thought to shove on boots instead of the crocs).
Snow is the only thing I like about winter. Give me nothing but cold and bare trees and I'm longing for summer. But give me everything blanketed in glittering snow and I'm loving it. All the more so when we get snow on Christmas. Absolute perfection.

(We're supposed to get snow tonight, but knowing our weather I'll believe it when I see it).
Any luck?

I mostly ignore weather predictions because that way I'm surprised instead of disappointed.
*breaks out the converter*

Whew! That's quite a change in temperature. Oddly enough, we had a similar drop, although in our case it went from ~18 C to ~0 C (or 65 F to 32 F). Which was quite handy, as my sister had to do an outdoor photoshoot, which would have been a lot less fun in the snow.
I am much more exited about snow now that I have a train/walking commute. No driving, no worries!
One of the wonderful things about living life as a pedestrian! Just put your snow boots on and go have fun on your way to work. :)