And another one bites the dust

I think I want out of my job.

No, I definitely want out of my job. I keep winding up as the last person standing and it’s starting to get really old. And I understand why everyone else left. In every case I said to the person, “this is the right thing for you to do”, and meant it, and saw it proven true. But I’m starting to wonder if it’s time to say it to myself. I almost quit once, after spending 2.5 years filling two positions simultaneously and without any real support from my boss—and it was all due to circumstances, again: I couldn’t blame him at the time and still don’t, but—

My second thought after my co-worker, the guy who’d kept things running on an even keel after the last round of upheaval, told me he was leaving for a better job, was “I can’t do this”. I CAN’T DO THIS. Not again! And it doesn’t matter that they’re bringing in someone else almost full-time to stop up the gap, because I’m going to have to train her and she knows NOTHING ABOUT THIS JOB. Nothing. She’s a great person, but she has absolutely no experience in this field outside of 3 weeks shelf-reading and the handful of brochures (for our students) that she’s proofed for me. The guy who’s leaving has 20+ years experience. He’s been doing it since his undergraduate days. That is a gap that can’t be filled without bringing someone new in that has comparable experience.

And I’m the one who’s going to have to fill it. Lord, I know we can do all things through you—well, it’s going to have to be you, because it sure ain’t going to be me.
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Make sure you have a job before you leave the one you have hon. "HUGS"
Oh, I only seriously thought of quitting for a couple of minutes, but I am getting ... tired, I suppose. And I have a friend who's also getting tired of his job and is making plans to start his own business, who'd love to have me work with him on it, so we'll see if that turns into something....
I understand wanting to stick it out. I stayed in my last job even though it was horrible and making me really depressed because of a combination of it being the devil I knew and staying being less work than looking somewhere new. But when I lost all the talented people on my staff and the owner hired someone over my objections that I knew would be a dead weight and a friend posted a job I got the kick in the pants to move on. If things hadn't aligned so well I don't know if I would've left, which scares me now because I really didn't realize how much of a rut I'd dragged my life into until I had a chance to start anew.
Wow--your situation was way worse than my is/will be. My boss, despite being limited in the support she can provide, within those limits is fully behind me, and is committed to hiring only people who will be able to pull their weight.

And honestly, the job itself isn't bad--it's just that people keep leaving just as we're on the cusp of getting somewhere and then I have to train the replacements. And I hate doing training. I'm very much a "give me a handbook and then leave me alone to figure it out myself" kind of person, so I have a terrible time gauging whether I'm overwhelming them or not giving them enough info, which leaves me exhausted at the end of the day (or sometimes just lunchtime).