O frabjous day!

I once again have a functional laptop. Haven't had a chance to test it out fully, yet, but 10 minutes in and so far, pretty good. Main thing, though: functional internet, functional keyboard, so I can start answering emails and typing up story notes, and won't have to cadge off other people anymore, which is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

ETA: no DVD drive. I knew I must have missed something somewhere. Eh, $30 for an external, nbd. Also, backlit keyboard: pretty nifty.


Though I read about what's happening in other parts of the world and feel like I should feel guilty about getting so excited about such a trivial thing. But you can weep for only so long.
Congrats. You need to find some happy of your own sometimes or you will implode.
Congratulations! After not having a functional computer of my own for three years getting my tablet was wonderful. And my good habits of not losing myself on the internet for hours at a time held up.
We all need a little light in this day and age. Footy finals are on, is it shallow to want to hear more about them than what is happening in a place I have no control over? No, it's how we keep going. <3
True--one of the downsides to being able to know about pretty much everything happening everywhere is that you feel like you should have ~omnipotence to go with your ~omniscience. Or something.

But as you say--appreciate what you've got, do good where you can, and don't beat yourself up when you can't.