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SGA canon & Things Already Seen

I asked this question more generally over at writers_lair, but I'll repeat it here, with specifics (and choppy sentence structure because I really ought to be going to bed at this point): in turning Things Already Seen into a novel, how much of later show canon should I use? Obviously, events won't play out the same, but my question's not about plot, or even character development, but more about the allies/available materiel that show up after season 1.

Post-season 1 stuff I'm interested in exploring:
* Anything Ancient/Alteran-related (the ships that are found and then almost immediately lost, the outposts that show up in one episode and then are forgotten, the people that could have been resources but die/are forgotten, Atlantis herself, who is mostly ignored except as home base)

* Wraith-related stuff (Steve, or his equivalent; Todd--I know that episode happens a good bit later, but so much potential there; using the Wraiths' own tracking devices as bait for ambushes, etc.)

* Ronon & Sateda (but I have to figure out a way to get him into the story without being obviously shoe-horned in)

* All the different, crazy/stupid/nasty ways different cultures come up with to try dealing with life in a universe where they're considered cattle.

Post-season 1 stuff I'd rather ignore entirely
* John Sheppard's personal history. Pretty much in its entirety.

* Easy access to Earth. A once-a-year supply flight? Sure. Weekly 2-second info-dumps through the gate? Maybe. Anything more than that and you lose the we're-on-our-own effect that I found so interesting about the first season.

* A lot of individual stuff, like "Sunday", the Lucius episodes, the whale thing, the Asgardian thing, etc.

* The Replicators. (Maybe. I'm on the fence about this one, but it's sort of a case of "I don't know what I'd do with them".)

So basically, how much cherry-picking can I do without it bothering the audience? What baddies/allies/technobabbly things would be noticeable in their absence? Or backstory? I have this horrible feeling that I'm going to have to stick to the "Outcast" version of Sheppard's history and I don't want to.
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