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I'm Brat. I write, mostly. Some original stuff, some SGA stuff, various fusions/retellings of Greek myths and antique stories. My current project is writing stuff based in a world where magic is simply another branch of science. At the moment, a lot of what I write is about John Sheppard from SGA, for some reason. I'm somewhat obsessed with putting things in order, so every now and then I'll go through and reorganize all my tags and stuff.

I'm fond of fountain pens, bubbles, and things that spin. I tend to be a stickler for proper grammar and spelling and accurate (or at least interesting) characterization. Sometimes I take photographs. I only friend people I'm already friends with.

Feel free to say howdy back. ^_^
Yup. There's nothing particularly pleasant about having no books, electric lighting, baseboard heat, or indoor plumbing. Or any other of many hundred things. (Internet and email, anyone?)

The fun part of writing a world with magic and technology is trying to figure out how the existence of one would affect the development of the other.
I think of modern medicine myself. I have to take more than a dozen pills a day to treat my medical conditions. My mom survived cancer for 25 years due to modern medicine.

Let us not forget modern sanitation. This has prevented many plagues that occur due to contaminated water. Even today there countries in the world that don't have clean water and subsequent plagues dues to its lack.

people died of what today are small things. A cut finger could become gangrenous and you could lose your hand or even your life if the gangrene was too advanced.

Infant mortality was very high.

Sorry for rambling on so long but really....!
I tend to ramble on a bit myself, so please - feel free to do so.

And yes, medicine has come so very far since then. In part because of all the technology that allows us to do things that simply can't be done by hand and in the candlelight.

Funny how infant mortality rarely rates mention in the stories, isn't it? Or anything that doesn't suit the purposes of the plot.