A birthday mathom

This year, for my birthday, I give you all the gift of not posting my epic rant about the documentation for Ex Libris's Voyager 8, acquisitions module. 927 pages, nothing that was actually helpful. Which is quite an accomplishment, come to think of it.

Anyhow, you're all very welcome. Maybe next year I'll actually do something nice, like write stories for you all, or finish the stories I started ages ago for some of you.


Maybe I'll froth some more at the mouth about poor design and poorer documentation.

(I really hope we switch to OCLC. Dear Lord, I do pray that it is so.)
I can laugh about it now, but man, I'm not looking forward to having to wade through those 927 pages again come tomorrow morning.

Apparently, what makes me really angry is poorly designed software with badly written and very long instructions that don't actually help. This is probably not a good thing to get angry about, but at least it's providing motivation for overhauling our own in-house procedure/policy manuals.
And update: having heard back from customer support, the thing I thought I could do I can indeed do, and in the way I thought, but there wasn't anything in user manual to tell me so.

I am unsure how to feel about this. Mostly relieved, I suppose.