Brat Farrar (bratfarrar) wrote,
Brat Farrar

Upside Down: a probably unfair review

Two worlds, almost touching, with gravity/antigravity. A love story. Anivilicious social commentary. Very pretty (but at times confusing) effects. Mix these together with a huge heap of clichés and a very annoying voice-over, and the result is something I couldn't sit through past the first fifteen minutes.

I did try to give it a fair chance, but the voice-over wouldn't stop with the info-dumping, and the clichés were practically highlighted and underlined, and when the dialogue finally started it was really stupid, so I gave up. (My dad lasted another 15 minutes, up until the point where the important-book-with-all-the-secrets in it somehow escaped the burning down of the only-living-relative-of-the-poor-orphaned-protagonist's house and was inexplicably found somewhere completely different years later, just as it would be helpful to the plot.)

So, my verdict? Probably would have been better as a silent movie. Clichés are easier to take what you don't have to listen to them being explained.

ETA: My mom gave up twenty minutes after my dad, and she'll watch nearly anything all the way through. So, yeah. Probably not worth your while unless you're a complete sucker for movies about starcliché-crossed love.
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