On the subject of socks

What do you do with sock that are beginning to go holey?

Chuck them
Darn them
Turn them into puppets
Keep wearing them despite the holes
For some reason* Batman never has to deal with this issue
(*by which we mean Alfred, who is possibly magic)
I need to get one of those--darning sock heels (which is what inevitably wears out first, for me) without them is pretty tricky. Darning flat pieces of cloth is actually pretty simple, if you're patient and can manage small stitches and basic weaving. Patience is the main ingredient needed, though.
One of my male friends has gotten really into the fiber arts and has started darning his wool socks. I need to step up my game. Trouble is I need to get black wool yarn in a similar weight to my Smartwool dress socks.
How are little dude and turtle? Hubby and I plan to go through our sock drawers/bins and toss out the ones that don't fit. Our feet swell a bit more every year, so, we have socks without holes that don't fit.

I only wear socks when I wear sneakers. Otherwise I just wear loafers without socks. I only wear shoes outdoors. I go barefoot indoors.
Little dude and turtle have a small pile of things waiting (im)patiently to be scanned. I just need to remember to do it.

I'm a mostly barefooted person myself, or would be, if not for work (alas).
I toss mine, I'm afraid -- they don't wear altogether evenly (that would be odd, actually), but by the time they develop holes they do tend to be a little scant over an extended area.
there's also "use as rags".

Mind you, I have enough rags at the moment so I would chuck them, but some socks make useful small rags.
Ah yes, I knew there was an option I'd overlooked. My mom uses hers for dusting, so I really have no excuse for forgetting. :P